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Evidence-Based Practice Resources

This page offers freely accessible resources, power-point presentations and links to evidence-based practice resources. Click on one of the selections below for more information.

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy

What is Evidence-Based Practice? Tutorial

This tutorial includes an introduction to evidence-based practice

Links to Articles about Evidence-Based Practice

Bennett, S. & Bennett, J.W. (2000). The process of evidence-based practice in occupational therapy: Informing clinical decisions. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 47, 171-80. (PDF)

Sackett, D.L., Rosenberg, W., Gray, JAM, Haynes, R.B.,& Richardson, W.S. Evidence-Based Medicine: What it is and what it isn't.

Links to Texts about Evidence-Based Practice

Information about a new textbook called ‘Evidence-based practice across the health professions’, edited and contributed to by members of the OTseeker team, is available at

Searching for Evidence

Searching for Evidence: Tutorial

This tutorial provides basic tips on searching for research evidence.

Finding Free Full Text Tips

This tip sheet provides basic tips on locating free full text of articles. 

Links to Searching Tips

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine : Searching for the Best Evidence in Clinical Journals
The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine website has a good overview of issues associated with searching the literature for research evidence including search filters.

InterTASC Information Specialists' Sub-Group Search filters
The InterTASC Information Specialists' Sub-Group provides comprehensive information about search filters.

Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence

Critical Appraisal Tutorial
This tutorial provides an introduction to critical appraisal and its application to randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews.

Links to Critical Appraisal Websites

CASP - Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (UK)
This site includes critical appraisal checklists that can be downloaded (for systematic reviews, RCTs, cohort studies, qualitative research) information on appraisal workshops, as well as brief tutorials on quantitative and qualitative methodological issues.

Centre for Evidence-Based Rehabilitation
The McMaster University Occupational Therapy Evidence-Based Practice Research Group aims to focus on research that critically reviews evidence regarding the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions. They have developed tools to use in the evaluation of occupational therapy programmes and guidelines for critical appraisal. This site gives online access to the group's critical appraisal forms and guidelines (quantitative and qualitative) as well as to 2 systematic reviews.

Users' Guides to the Health Care Literature
This site provides access to the complete set of Users' Guide to Evidence-Based Practice - these guides are extremely informative and helpful.
This site contains CATs (critically appraised topics) and CAPs (critically appraised papers) focussing on occupational therapy interventions.

Implementing Evidence in Practice

Implementing evidence in clinical practice is a process of closing the gap between research and practice so that research findings are used more routinely. This process is also referred to as knowledge translation. These pages offer a resource for health professionals who want to know more about implementing evidence in practice. You can read about the process of implementing evidence, read or listen to health professionals experiences of implementing evidence, or look at links to other related websites.

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